Tom Pendergast: Writer, Editor, Adviser

Who Needs a Personal Website?

In the world of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., who needs a personal website? Well, I guess I do ... because now that I've decided I'm no longer fit for corporate work, I want a place to connect with people who are interested in putting writing to work. I'll use this site to share my own writing, but what lights me up is helping others meet their goals through content. That and a good drive on a race track, beauty in our garden, or walk down to the nearby wildlife refuge.

Just this year, my wife Sara set aside consulting to work on the doing the thing that she loves most of all: art. She's been painting intermittently ever since I met her, but she's really been going at it since February, 2021, and is sharing much of her work on her website and on Instagram as @sarapendergast_artist.

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