Climbing Videos

October 2013

This is a solo trip up perhaps my favorite hike in the Stillaguamish Valley, Mt. Vesper. I spend most of the hike convincing myself to keep going.

July 2013

In these days, Louisa just mercilessly forged ahead and I tried to keep up. Tons of snow, even in July.

May 2009

John and I tried this route up Mt. Index, but we got turned back by the kind of snowfield that you just can't trust.

August 2013

Pretty much an unbeatable day for me and Louisa as we go up Aasgard Pass and on to summit Dragontail.

May 2009

John Tucker and I had a heck of a trip up Whitehorse in May of 2009--but it led to me ripping the hell out of my shoulders, alas.

January 2011

I still can't believe I took Julien Duplant up here for his first ever snowshoe trip.

August 2012

Just a week or so before Louisa took off to college, we did her first back mountain ascent on Mt. Adams. Pretty spectacular day!

July 2012

We had planned a trip up to Glacier Peak--but the weather gods sent us off in a different but very fortunate direction.

June 2005

Ah, my first big mountain climb and what a great summit it was. We nearly got lost wandering amidst crevasses early on, but sorted it out and made the summit at sunrise after a killer slog up the Roman Wall.